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    About Bcat Threads Indie Fashion Boutiqe

    modern fashionBcat Threads is the newest hip store for the funky fashionista to find new styles and add them to their already existent wardrobe. The designers for Bcat Threads are from Southern California where fashion and style is a must.  Our designs are one-of-a-kind and made in a small environment and lots of heart and soul has been put into each piece.  If you like something and it isn't in your size, let us know.  We will make it to fit your unique body size.  Please do not be discouraged, we want to share our fashion styles with everyone.

    We have also added accessories that have been manufactured by larger companies.  In doing this, you will be able to find peices that will go along with any of the designs that you may buy.  You will be able to distinguish designer styles by larger manufacturers in two different ways.  One, you can look on our home page and find the section for "Featured Designers" and search by each designer.  Or, two, you can look at the bottom of each item you are shopping for.  If it was handmade by a local designer, it will have that designer's name.

    We hope you enjoy what you see and come back for more. We will constantly be showcasing new collections and new designers to ensure that you will find something just for you to add something fresh to your already existent wardrobe.

    Thank you and Happy Shopping!

    --Brooke Nevins (owner/founder/fashion designer)