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    So now that everyone is broke from the economy.... recycling old clothes that you may have kept a little too long and making it new again is becoming the new trend. It is being reported in almost every magazine, and you can see it on the streets of your very own city/town. Men and women are mixing new things with vintage clothing or bringing in other decades styles with the now. Not only is it a way to feel like your wardrobe may not be as small as it is, but its a way to give your clothes new personality. You can cut up old T-shirts, mend an old sweater by adding different buttons, adding an old 80s belt to your new outfit.. there are endless things you can do to make your pieces feel new again!! Also in trend with the economic crisis, is the reoccurance of the fashion back from the depression in 1929. Designers are bringing back the flapper look, lots of fringes, 20's style hats, and lots of loose sack like fitting dresses and shirts. Be creative, dig into your old clothes and see what you can do. Make lemons into lemonade!!!