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    It’s that time of year when we start to layer our clothes and dig out our boots from the closet.   It’s a little bit different here in San Diego, but we’re already feeling the cooler nights and soon the days will be cold too.  I want to make sure you are looking your best this Fall so let’s get going on restyling your wardrobe for the new season.  I am offering a $100 discount to the first 15 people who book a closet consultation with me.   Chose a closet consultation package from the list below or call me to customize your own package.  I look forward to shopping with you soon!


    Premium Princess’s Closet:$600

    This is for the girl on the go.  Someone who has a closet full of clothes and thinks she has nothing to wear.   I will show you the best silhouettes for your shape, colors that make you glow and how a few accessories will pop and outfit.  I will revamp your wardrobe, breathe new life into it.  Restyling what you have, purging what you no longer need or wear and bring in new items to incorporate into your wardrobe.  With this package I will meet with you for a 1 hour consultation learning everything about your style.  I will then starting working my way through your closet spending up to 5 hours restyling and purging.  After the closet is revamped I will then go out shopping and bring back news items for you to try with your wardrobe.  During this 2 hour session you try on what you like and keep what looks good.   I will then take your purging items and donate them and return unwanted new items.


    In-between Queen’s Closet: $475

    This package is designed for busy women that have clothes from seasons past and are holding on for dear life to them.  I can help you sort through what is reusable and what needs to go.  Help you learn what looks best on your body type and how you can shop and feel great.  I will walk you through what styles look best on you.  What colors are right for you and how to find the best looks even on sale.   I will restyle your wardrobe and will take you shopping to guide you through replenishing your closet.  I will start this package with a 1 hour consultation, learning the ins and outs of your style.  Then I will spend 3 hours revamping your closet.  Then we will go shopping for 2 hours getting you new items to replace your old ones. 


    Basic Beauties’ Closet: $300

    If you are the jeans and tee shirt kind of girl and can count the pieces in your closet on one hand this is for you.  I will help you sort through the shirts and pants and incorporate new colors and accessories.  I will show you how to be stylish in your everyday look, how by just adding some accessories the look of your outfit will transform immediately.  This package is for the low maintenance gal who hates to shop.  I will do the shopping for you.  I will bring items to you to help build your wardrobe.  I will show you how sticking with staple items can get you through the entire year.  I will meet with you for a 1 hour consultation to learn about what you like about your clothes.  Then move on to purging and restyling your existing wardrobe for 3 hours.  After that I will go over the new items I brought for you, trying them on with your old wardrobe for 1 hour.


    Classy-sassy customized package:

    Customize your own package.  If you want me to just come over and restyle your existing wardrobe or completely overhaul your closet it is up to you.  Tell me what your needs are and we can create your own special package.  I will customize the price to fit your needs.


    Look forward to helping you Fall in to the great styles this season!!



    Elizabeth Cecilia Leffler

    The Closet Party

    M: 619.916.7545