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    It's October, and for all you festive people out there, its time to start thinking about Halloween and your Halloween costume.  Unfortunetly, I will not be dressing up this year, for I will be responsible for handing out candy to the little kiddies around our block.  I have taken on this responsiblity, though, because it will be the first year that I will actually get a trick-or-treater at my door since living at home with my parents.  Having a house facing a neighborhood street is a first, and I sure am excited!  So, rather than spending time and money on a costume this year, I will be spending it on decorating the house with jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and goblins.

    Since the beginning of my life, creating your own costume has always been the way to do it.  I have never worn a store bought costume, except one time in my early 20's when I was going out with my girlfriends 3 days in a row and ran out of time (it was a pirate costume).  The most fun costumes I ever see come from the ones who take a chance and create their own.  Check out my costumes from the first years of my life, thought you might enjoy that I am sharing:

    I believe I am suppose to be a Cabbage Patch in the first pic, and my mom looks to be something scary (although, I don't look too scared of her).  The next is Glinda, the Good Witch of the North (from Wizard of Oz) and not quite sure what my brother is, the third is Dolly Parton (haha, pretty sure I had nothing to do with that one), and the last is a witch, although I think my brother's clown costume has me beat this year.

    Although I am sharing my childhood costumes, I don't think this holiday is for children only.  We adults need to have fun dressing up, too!!  So, if you are getting out of the house for Halloween this year, be creative!  Don't buy your costume, make it!  It is so much more fun and allows you to use so much more of your imagination. And, don't be scared to look a little scary.  We've seen enuf naughty nurses, naughty cops, naughty Strawberry Shortcakes...(get my point).  Have fun!!