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    Fashion Group International and the San Diego Focus group has made it possible to expose new and aspiring fashion designers to take part in their San Diego fashion week this year.  This was a great opportunity for me (Brooke), so I participated and was so glad that I did.  Our first step was to complete a mood board of our inspiration for the designs, sketch our ideas, and draw our flat illustrations to show the details of the peices.  We were to create 2-3 peices, with one look.  Immediately, my head was flooded with ideas.  Since I am always inspired by color, I chose to go with the ideas of color I had in my head.  I've liked the way that ivory and navy go together, so these were the colors I chose.  From there I started to think about the things that I knew were that color.  I immediately though of china.  Yes, china, as in plates and bowls.  My aunt collects china, which may be where I got the idea.  Then, I started picturing highly fashionable women in the 30's and 40's.  Soon, I started looking for pictures and ideas and came up with my design.  I sent in my mood board, sketches, and flats to the board of judges and was passed on to the second level.

    The second level was to actually create the peices and bring them to a panel of three judges, where we would get 5 minutes to present our boards and our peices.  I anxiously got ready, put my designs on a dress form and soon it was my turn to explain what the judges had in front of them.  I was so excited about my presentation that, miraculously, it went smoothly and the judges seemed to like what they saw.  Now I will await the official email to see if I make it the final round, which put my designs on display during SD Fashion week. 

    Below is a picture of Judy Thacker and I putting my designs on the dress form before I presented to the judges.