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    On June 15, Bcat Threads had a booth at the San Diego County Fair, thanks to Karl Jaedtke from the Pacific Beach Town Council.  Brooke Catherine and Jennafer Grace represented the team and showed San Diegans a taste of what our on-line boutique had to offer women and girls alike.  It was a great success and an exciting day all around.  James Norton, a San Diego photographer, also joined in the festivities with a team of people, to have a photo shoot with models ( Kat Dente and Jessica Dungans) wearing the Brooke Catherine line of clothes.  I've seen the results and the pictures are going to be amazing.  We haven't gotten them from the photographer yet, but the pictures will be posted soon.

    We also had models helping with promoting the booth as they walked around the fair wearing our designs.  Jennifer Sandrock and her roommate, Lubi, walked around handing out flyers and asking people if they were interested in signing up for our newsletter.  To our suprise and not much later after they started, the Fair security put a stop to it.  Apparently we were suppose to go through the fair marketing team.  After trying to kick the girls out, I had to persuade the security that we really didn't know the steps that were suppose to be taken and promised that they would no longer promote our booth. 

    While Dana Nevins, my fiance and helper for the booth, manned the tables, Jennafer and I had a little photo shoot of our own. We used beach cruisers from Hot Rod Surf Shop, located in PB, as props for our pics.  What you can't see by looking at the picture is that this beach cruiser had a purple velvet covered banana seat.  Do you remember banana seats?  They were popular when I was a child and now someone has brought them back and they look great.