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    As some of you already know, I have been starting to dabble a bit into designing for Mini-Me's.  I've been considering the fashion trends popular with adults and interweaving them into children's designs.  While designing altogether has been lacking in my studio, I am starting to get creative again and design new pieces, starting with the younger crowd.  My cousin, an avid Bcat Threads follower had asked me a while back to design a dress for her daughter's one year pictures.  She gave me an open slate to work with, asking only that it would be purple, which is her favorite color.  I took on the custom order excitedly knowing that I needed to start creating new pieces and that I wanted to attempt some children's pieces, so it was the perfect opportunity for me. 

    I started the process by scoping out purple fabrics to see what caught my eye.  I took in to consideration that the dress was going to be used for pictures and what I have learned through photo shoots and fashion shows is that what looks best in front of a camera or on a runway is usually shiny or sparkley and typically something that gives a "wow factor" when in person.  I took this idea and decided to look for fabrics with shimmer.  I settled with a few different color variations of silk shantung, some tulle (to add a little puff), and some lace for a little added touch if needed.

    When I got back to the studio, I brainstormed, sketched and began the patternmaking process.  In the end, I came up with a assymmetrical top with ruffles, a puffy circle skirt and lace trim to added the last needed look to the whole.  Here is it on the hanger:

    Since this custom dress was ordered from across the country and I don't know of any other children her age to fit it to, I had to take my precautions in sizing the patterns very precisely to ensure that this dress would fit.  Even after checking and double-checking, I was still a little nervous to send the dress without seeing it on a body.  As with all custom pieces, I get a case of the nervous jitters, hoping the customer will like it and it will fit well.  Well, today, I got an email about the dress.  My cousin loved it and sent a pic to show me that it fits perfectly.

    It sure looks like she likes the skirt, for its full enough for her to grab and play with.  Looks like my job here is done and I am happy to have been a part of the whole process of this darling little girl's 1 year old pictures.