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    Fashion Line

    Hippie Chic always seems to pop up in every season of fashion, but always in small doses.  You'll see hippie tunics one season, ponchos the next, and bead work soon after.  I always enjoy watching what will come next because I've always enjoyed a blast from the past, especially when it comes to the fashion of hippie love.  In the last couple seasons we've noticed headbands and maxi dresses, along with hippie skirts and rompers.  What will it be for the fall season this year?

    Bell Bottoms!!

    I am noticing the runways and celebrities alike sporting bell bottoms everywhere.  Stores are starting to carry a style or two of the look, and soon they will be flooding the stores.  I admit, I'm a bit excited.  As I look in my closet and notice that my denim section needs a major overhaul, I will be excited to add bell bottoms to the collection and wear them on an almost daily basis.  I do love my skinny jeans and won't be getting rid of them any time soon, but the contrast of looks will allow me to play much more with the other pieces I have hanging in my closet that haven't got any attention in a while.  Hooray for the comeback of Bell Bottoms and Wide Legged Jeans!!