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    Along with the nice and sunny summer weather, comes the days of the rain.  Some of us like the rain (especially when we never really get it here in So. Cali), and others dread it.  Regardless, rainy days usually mean gloomy skies, and with gloomy skies come gloomy personas.  I know for me, if it looks gloomy out, I lose all desire to put effort into my day.  I don't think about what I pull out of the closet, what I eat, what my hair looks like, etc.  I use gloomy days as an escape from reality.  I guess it would be safe to say I "let go" for the day.  And, nothing is wrong with that, right?  Not unless it last more than a couple days, I would say.

    Being that we are experiencing a gloomy day here in San Diego today, I started thinking about how much it really does affect myself and fashion.  Like I said above, it's a day where I usually just don't care.  But, today I decided to approach things a little differently.  If I begin the day as if the sky is sunny and smiling, then maybe my day will continue on the same path.  So, I carefully planned my outfit (dark skinny jeans, a white tank, a pink and purple tie dyed jersey scarf cardigan and flat black sandals), completing it with earrings, a necklace, and bracelet.  I straightened my hair, chose colorful makeup, and added a special touch of perfume to perfect the look.  I left the house as if the sun was shining bright and I was feeling the beach vibes...

    As I continue on my day I start wondering, did it work?  Did I really trick my brain to think that the day was not all of gloom and mist?  But here I am, looking out the window, and guess what I want to do?  Put on my comfy stretchy pants, a tshirt and pull my hair up.  I feel the couch calling my name (and I really am normally a busy body!).  I just couldn't trick myself.  This girl is made for the sun.  I love it and it loves me.  :)

    If you are feeling gloomy today, too, then think about those sunny days to come and take a peak at all our Bcat Threads summer clothing!  Online shopping today might just get you pumped up for the sunny days to come!