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    Being that I sell my designs in local San Diego shopping boutiques, I have become quite familiar with the shopping experience that is gained from the people shopping in those stores.  I have been spending much time looking at the similarities and differences of those boutiques, versus going to the mall to shop.  I've talked to many different people with different walks of life to better understand what they expect from a shopping experience and how that experience is gained by the way that they shop and where they choose to go.  In doing this, I think I have gained some very useful information that some people just don't know about.

    Why Shop in Boutiques?

    Boutique shopping is a great experience that some people have never enjoyed.  Why?  Maybe because they just don't know how good it gets.  First of all, what exactly is a boutique?  A boutique is a small store that caters to such things as fashion and jewelry.  They often carry a select variety of items that is cohesive to the entire store.  They are geared more towards a niche, and supplying that niche.

    A common mistake made about boutiques is that they are expensive.   I hear comments about how some people can't afford to go into boutiques or don't want to spend alot of money on clothing, so they won't shop at them.  This is not true at all.  I mean, yes, there are some boutiques that are expensive, but it really is not the case in all of them.  In fact, most boutiques that I have ever stepped foot in San Diego have a vast majority of prices.  You can find everywhere from cheap to moderate to expensive, and sometimes all those prices in one store. 

    The best part about boutiques is that you can always find unique items.  When you are looking for something to stand out from the rest, shopping in a boutique is the best way to find it.  They usually only carry a select variety of items, and sometimes just a couple in each size.  And, most of the time, they are the only one to carry that item in the area.  On top of that, local boutiques are most likely to carry independant designer brands that can't be found in mall stores. 

    The shopping experience in a boutique is also much more intimate.  If you are someone who doesn't like to be hounded by the sales clerks at mall stores, you will love the experience of a boutique.  They are generally more helpful, versus hungry for your sale.  They want to give you a great experience and help you find just what you are looking for. The environment tends to be more relaxing, making you more comfortable to shop. 

    I really could go on and on about the experience that you can gain from shopping at your local boutiques, but it is an experience you should try out yourself.  Take a day to walk around, look at the different stores and see for yourself.  The experience can be relaxing, enjoyable, and different than your every day routine.  Plus, you are supporting the local economy by shopping at local small bussinesses.  Its a win, win for everyone! 

    Happy Shopping and Enjoy your local boutiques today :)