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    (this is not my studio, but represents organization--this is where I want to be!)

    After moving into a new house, and now moving to a new in-home studio, I'm committed to organizing my new room until every single thing in it has a specific place.  I am trying to minimize clutter, add style to the room, and hide as much as I can by adding drawers, curtains, and cabinets.  It always helps to start this process with a clean slate, which is the opportunity I have.  In doing this, I have to pick up each and every piece that needs a home and analyze it.  I will also figure out how bad I need that item.  Many questions I find myself asking over and over again are:

    *Have I used this in the last year?

    *Is this a notion or trim that I can use creatively?

    *Is the fabric at least a yard long?

    *Does is work?

    *Do I have more than one?

    In the end, if I can't answer the questions, or I I answered them and the answer tells me I don't need it anymore, it is canned.  I don't need clutter, and there is no use to storing something that will never be used.  While it is hard to get rid of things that you may be able to use creatively, you also need to consider if you have enough to use for a whole project and also if it is something that even fits your style aesthetic.  For example, I had a fabric that was bright pink tulle with hearts inside of it.  When I look at it, it looks very young and a bit cheap.  And, its only half a yard.  In reality, if I was to use it, I wouldn't have enough for a whole project, but also, since my mind already thinks it looks cheap, then why would I even attempt to use it?  I don't want any of my designs to represent "cheap".  So, it must go.  This process continues through each and every object that needs placement.

    As well as going through and getting rid of the clutter, we also need to find a place for it to go.  The new room I have is a bit smaller than what I had before, so it is going to take alot of thought to find a home for everything.  Instead of having random drawers scattered throughout a shelf rack I had, I have now found plastic drawers that stack in all different sizes.  I put them all into a mirrored cabinet I have.  One location for all the drawers, and they are hidden in a cabinet- perfect!  Each drawer will have different purposes: trim, buttons, zippers, miscellaneous notions, appliques, paper goods, shipping goods, beadery, glues, etc.

    Being that I am a fashion designer, I also have a ton of thread, which all needs a home.  I have wooden spool racks that hold multiple spools of thread, like the picture below:

    And, for all the clothes and patterns I have hanging, well, they can be hidden as well.  They are set back into a closet that will have curtains covering them when I don't need to get in.  This will keep dust from getting to them, and keep the room from looking too cluttered.

    Why Have An Organized Design Studio?

    I'm sure that everyone wishes they could be a little more organized in one part of their lives.  The reason is not only because  it looks more clean, but it is also because it really can make a difference on your productivity.  Moving in general, has given me a different approach on my upcoming designs, but now that I also am clutter free and organized, I feel free.  I enjoy sitting in my room and working all day because I'm comfortable with my surroundings, and feel the productive bones moving throughout my body.  As soon as my room is completely put together, I will post the before and after, and you can be the judge as to which studio you would like to work in.  :)

    And, go ahead, do it yourself.  When you get motivated, take a corner of your work space and pick up each and every item.  Ask if you need it, then find a perfect place for it if you do.  You will feel very rejuvinated.