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    About a week or so ago, my friend asked me if I wanted to become part of a "Non-book Club for the Girls".  I said "Yes, of course!" for my time with the girlfriends has been lacking dearly.  You know how it is, you get together with the girls, have the best time ever, vow to do it all over again real soon, then all of a sudden a whole year has passed and no set plans have been made to do it again.  Well, this new group is an attempt to set the plans every month so they are scheduled.  Whether you make it or not is your own energy decision, but when life just flies on by, why pass up the opportunity to hang out with the girls? 

    The idea was to have each girl in the group plan a girls night, taking turns with whose month it would be.  Last night was a visit to the Gaslamp District for a few drinks at the Gaslamp Tavern.  Being that it was Memorial Day Weekend and a sunny, warm day altogether, there were people everywhere and lots to watch and talk about as we sat and enjoyed a cocktail.  And, while the time was enjoyed by us all, we had a far more important obligation approaching us, so we wrapped it up and headed down to the theater to watch Sex and the City 2.

    Of course, the movie is 50% about the fashions worn and 50% about storyline.  I won't tell you the storyline, for that is what you go to the theater to see.  But, I must talk about the fashion because it was incredible and never ceased to amaze me.  Every scene consisted of new wardrobe from all the characters, and each time I saw the new pieces, I thought to myself "How does that work?".  They were so different and never seen before, but the confidance that each character radiated didn't allow you to think twice about their decison for the pieces.  They rocked it.  From Carried Bradshaw looking super sexy in, of all things, a tuxedo with a black crowned accent headpiece to Samantha Jones in the red dress with blazing sharp, stab-worthy spiked shoulder pads in the club in Abu Dhabi, to Miranda's very low neckline black and white sequined and form fitting dress that she wore to her friend's wedding, and of course Charlotte's 80's inspired pink power suit, fashion was a very powerful aspect of this movie. 

    While the ladies vacationed in Abu Dhabi, they had so many amazing pieces from headwraps to jeweled bathing suits, I couldn't help but want to rip them off their bodies and keep them for myself.  There wore so many beautiful colors, it was all very awe-inspiring.  I recommend that even if you don't go for the storyline, go for inspiration in fashion.  It will make you want to be more daring, less insecure, and feel an extra urge to go shopping for your new summer wardrobe.  And, for some added help, check out our store for all the new summer items!