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    Fashion Line

    After a phase of "burn out" from fashion design, I've been struggling to get back on my feet and produce a work of art that I have put my whole heart in to.  It seems that the small break I was taking has turned out to be quite the hiatus.  Two weeks of "taking time off", turned into two months and still not sure when I will be back at it.  My husband and I have recently bought a new house, which I am sure you know that means, painting and decorating.  So, while I may not be producing fashion, I now have much of my focus on interior design until we get this house looking like it belongs to us.

    How similar are fashion and interior design?  Well, the design line is a bit different.  I went from working with the curves of a woman's body to the box-like surface of a room.  This has been the exact boost I needed for my future in fashion.  I needed a change, and this has been perfect.  I am still using my creative juices, but now I have to consider working with different pieces.  In the end, though, the process is all the same. 

    We are attacking our house one room at a time.  The most important being our bedroom, because once we finish that, then we can move in and work around everything to design the rest of the house.  I recently bought new bedding and haven't grown old of it one bit.  I love the colors and so does my husband (that is a rarity, so I am running with it).  From my bedding, I decided to find my inspiration.  What can I do with seafoam green?  Well, I found a few pictures that I really liked, and these are now my inspiration boards.

    What I love about this bedroom is how they use white, seafoam green, and gold.  This is the color palette I have chosen for my own bedroom.  Granted, my room is not the same in size, but the ideas of how the colors mix is what I am using for my own ideas. 

    So far, I have only painted the walls, but its all a process, right?  And, I want to do it right the first time, so a little bit at a time is just perfect.  Everything will have its own place, and will be placed so perfectly in the room.  Our only debate right now is, TV or no TV?  I'm starting to think that we should attempt no TV and if we feel we are missing a little nighttime tube, then we'll add that later.  With televisions being so thin and light these days, it could be a nice accent piece to add to the wall without taking up too much clutter.  Hmm, I'm sure you know where my husband sides--he's all about the TV.  We'll just have to see.  I will keep you in the loop about all my interior designing ideas and projects and show you the results in the end.  This is going to fun!!

    And, to you, Fashion, I love you and miss you.  When I come back, I hope you will be ready for me.  :)