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    This episode was all about our four natural elements; air, water, earth, and fire.  Each designer had to pick one of the four elements and use that for inspiration for their design.  It was an interesting task that may, at first glance, seem like it would be simple and clear-cut, but as you watched the designers transform their models into art, the task seemed a little more complex and less understood.  Some designers' vision on what their sign meant was not what you would initially think.  For instance, Anthony chose fire, which most people would think of as flames with reds and oranges.  His idea of what fire was, instead, was of what remains after the fire has been put out: burnt wood with blacks and grays.  He shared a story of how fire reminded him of when his pastors house when burned down.  An emotional story, I am sure, but made the idea of his color palette very understandable. 

    The results of the designers thought showed on the runway with some great work, but not very impressive overall.  My personal favorite was Jay's dress (without the hat thingy he used), but I was also very impressive with the work of Seth Aaron.  It was hard to absorb the idea of using black for air, but the design asthetic was so amazing that you simply look past the color choice.

    The bottom two came down to Amy and Ben.  Where Amy's vision did not turn out the way i am sure she anticipated and the actual look was a bit creepy, and well, hairy ;) I do give her credit for thinking outside the box.  I think the only way to come up with something absolutely amazing is by taking risks, which is just what she did.  Unfortunately, it didn't turn in her favor.  But, fortunately, the judges saw her abilities and kept her on for the next episode.  They sent Ben home, who only took the risk of attempting to do something that didn't fit him as a designer.   (I got this picture from

    designs for episode 7 project runway

    (from left to right, 1. Amy 2. Anthony 3. Ben

    4.Emilio 5. Jay 6. Jonathon

    7. Maya 8. Mila 9. Seth Aaron)

    Vote for your favorite designer here!!