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    I've been experimenting a bit on different ideas for design.  Sometimes I get stuck in a bit of a funk, so I need to try something new.  My newest idea has been to make little girl versions of my dresses.  Thats right, matching mother and daughter dresses.  I've googled the idea to see what else is out there and I couldn't believe how little there was.  And, I know that all the mothers I know would have loved to find a fashionable dress that came with a matching one for their little daughters.  The funnest part of having a girl is dressing her up!  So, I began to make wrap dresses, for a mini-me for a little girl.  Check out the picture below:

    Matching Mother Daughter Dresses

    Wrap dresses are every woman's best friend.  They fit so many body types and can be tightened or loosened as our waists tend to do through the different seasons and holidays.  The wrap dress seen above also has pockets.  I've been excited about adding pockets to my designs lately because I notice that every time I have tried something on lately, I want to put my hands in the pockets.

    Wrap dresses are also a marvelous idea for little girls.  We all know how quickly children grow, so these wrap dresses can last much longer than your average dress.  The adjustable wrap straps grow with your little girl.

    The best part about these dresses is that they are fashionable.  They are current, stylish, feminine and work with so many different women.  To buy your own, check them out here.