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    It has taken me a bit to respond to Project Runways newest episodes, but now I am in full swing. I'm going to skip out on Episode 5 and move right on over to Episode 6. I loved the challenge because it was near and dear to my heart. The challenge was to design a look for a little girl. Then, while they began on the challenge, they were given another challenge. It was to create a cohesive look for an adult. How much fun!! While Jonathon was completely unimpressed with working with children, Seth Aaron knew exactly what to do. I was immediately excited with the idea because I had also just posted new items to my store which were exactly this...Check it out here to see my matching mother and daughter sets, they are adorable!

    So, back to Project Runway.  It was actually quite humorous to see the different responses to the idea of working with children.  Anthony was cracking me up because he was trying so hard to be cordial, but he had no idea how to even talk to a little girl.  Emilio was also having a hard time with this challenge.  His mind did not want to even attempt to understand the style of a young girl.  His dress reminded me of "Little House on the Prairie" in a bad way.

    But, coming out on top was Seth Aaron who had a daughter of his own, so he understood that they like to be stylish to.  I think he nailed this challenge tremendously.  Hats off to you, Seth Aaron!!

    (picture from

    I will be blogging about Episode 7 soon, but I haven't even seen it yet.  Thank god for DVR.  Maybe I'll get to that tonight.