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    episode 4 project runway

    Photos: 1). Amy 2). Anna 3). Anthony 4). Ben 5). Emilio 6). Janeane
    7). Jay 8). Jesse 9). Jesus 10). Jonathan 11). Maya 12).Mila 13). Seth Aaron
    Photos courtesy of

    On this week's Project Runway, the theme was "Design Your Heart Out".  Cambells Soup and the American Heart Association teamed up to host an event.  The designers' models were women who have been affected by heart disease that would be attending the event.  All the women had amazing stories about how they have been surviving their heart disease.  All the designers were very moved by their stories, and suprisingly, there were no conflicts between the designers and their models.  As you can see in the picture above, some designers nailed their look, and others just didn't quite get it.  As the models walked down the runway, I graded each on my own personal taste and aesthetic.

    1.  Amy:A

    2. Anna:B-

    3. Anthony:C- 

    4. Ben: B+

    5. Emilio: C

    6. Janeane: B

    7. Jay: C

    8. Jesse: B-

    9. Jesus: B-

    10. Jonathon: B+

    11. Maya: B-

    12. Mila: A-

    13. Seth Aaron: A-

    For the first time yet, the judges and I have finally agreed on the winner of this challenge.  I loved Amy's dress and I feel like she made all the right choices;  Her design line was aesthetically pleasing.  Her fabrics draped beautifully and her model looked just like she felt inside: Amazing!!

    Unfortunetly, the judges also decided it was time for Jesus to leave.  I was a bit suprised at the harshness of the judges and the consensus to send him home, but Jesus had been in the bottom 3 too many times.  I agree that his taste was lacking, but I think there were others who were lacking more.  I admire how Jesus held himself as he was auf'ed by Heidi and also how genuine he was through the show up until now.  He was a polite and respectable guy with no drama and cattiness.  While that makes for a good show, I think his great atitude is going to get him far in his future.  Being that he is 21, he really has a whole lifetime to learn and grow.  This isn't the end for Jesus Estrada.

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