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    runway show for project runway episode 3

    (1) Amy/Jesus 2) Anna/Emilio 3) Anthony/Seth Aaron
    4) Ben/Janeane 5) Jay/Maya 6) Jonathan/Mila 7) Jesse/Ping)

    Last night's Project Runway gave us an idea of what the future holds for our contestants.  The "partnered" challenge showed the best and worst of everyone.  While Jonathon seemed to be a bit unimpressed with partnering with Mila, the duo hit it off soon after compiling ideas.  Their relationship ended with the finale product of designs that won the competition (#6)  My personal favorite was Jay and Maya, with their futurisitc dress, that was actually quite appealing, and their knock off of Ben and Janeane's which turned out better than the original and much cheaper.  Well done, Jay and Maya.

    As I had once predicted, Ping's artistic ways of working seemed to be a challenge to Jesse.  Although, I feel like Jesse already started off with a bad attitude when Ping chose to work with him.  It was as if he was saying "I'm not going to let this be a good experience.  I already know I don't like Ping."  Not a good approach, Jesse.  But, now that Ping is eliminated, he may have found validation in his opinions.  And, I do actually agree with what the judges decided.  Jesse and Ping were not a good match.  Where Jesse has a more structed style of design, Ping is very loose and flowy.  When the two of them tried to combine those looks, they did a horrible job.  Neither of them tried to understand the other, if they had, they could've really made a beautiful masterpeice.

    I do want to give a shout out to Jesus and Amy.  Jesus saved himself this time around with a beautiful lace dress and cropped coat.  But, more than that I loved their interpretation of Ping and Jesse's design.  I thought it looked gorgeous and so much more well put together than Ping and Jesse's actual design.  They should've taken some lessons from Jesus and Amy.  Maybe they woud've survived.