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    Episode 2 has just been aired for Project Runway and its already getting a bit exciting and a little catty.  Who was your favorite this week, tell us anonymously by clicking here. For the new challenge, the designers were brought to a farm where they found Tim Gunn and all the models who were dressed in potato sacks.  They used the idea that if a woman if beautiful enough, she can get away with wearing a potato sack and still looking good.  The challenge?  To use potato sacks to make a dress that was tasteful enough that the model could wear it to an evening out. 

    farm challenge project runway

    It was pretty impressive to see what people could do with their potato sacks.  Many of the designers chose to die their fabric to change the whole look of it.  That was probably one of the best ideas, because the color of the fabric itself is so plain and doesn't look very good against skin tones.  Unfortunetly, Jesus Estrada knew that the color was off and chose to cover it up by sewing ribbon onto the fabric so that the burlap was only used for the inside base of the dress, which almost cost him his life on Project Runway.

    If you ask me, I think Amy had the best design, for she used the idea of the potato sack to the rawest of its element without losing the concept of cocktail dress attire.  She hand died all the edges of her dress, which almost gave it a burnt edge look, which was very different and yet very beautiful.  She was given much praise, but didn't win the challenge.  Jay was the winner with a dress that really did look amazing and was very hard to believe that it was made of burlap, for it was black, with a feather-like skirt.  I loved the dress and wouldn't wore it myself if given to me, but I feel like I've seen it before, so I didn't think it deserved the win. 

    Ping and Jesus barely slipped through, once again.  Jesus, as I said, didn't do the challenge appropriately...but another thing that the judges are starting to realize is that Jesus's style is looking much more mature and somewhat costumey (if thats a word).  Although I am still cheering him on, I am really hoping he steps it up a bit.  And his color schemes are looking the same.  Change it up, Jesus!  Ping made something that should've never been shown on the runway.  Fortunetly, by the time it made it to the runway, she already realized that it wasn't working.  The models butt was completely exposed and nothing about it looked ravishing or stylish.  But, despite it all, Jesus and Ping were not the ones who went home tonight, it was Pamela.  Her dress wasn't that appealing, but I really did think she did a great job dying the fabric.  I'm sure she will still have a great future.

    What will happen next week?  I am already dying to see.  Ah, the suspense of reality TV challenges.