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    The Golden Globes is always the hot spot to see the most popular celebrities and the hottest fashion.  Of course, for me, its the fashion that I am most excited about.  This year there was plenty of rain, testing to see who turned into pumpkins and who kept smiling through it all.  It seemed like most everyone was tolerating the rain quite well, considering the gorgeous gowns, makeup, and hair so perfectly done for the event.  So, who topped my list as the best dressed?  I give the award to Zoe Saldana, of Avatar, for wearing the most gorgeous maroon colored ruffled Lois Vuitton gown.  I loved the color, which was different than all the others that night, and the ruffles were perfect.  I would love to wear this dress on the red carpet (well, if I looked like Zoe Saldana, this is).

    Zoe Saldana in Lois Vuitton

    This year, to my suprise, I was not very pleased with Julia Roberts look.  I mean, she is always beautiful, and everyone looks good in black, but it was just too safe and frumpy for my taste.  Granted the jeweled necklace was a great addition to it all, it still just wasn't enough for me.  Of course, she always has the most gorgeous smile and great attitude that I've already almost forgot about what she wore...  Ah!  That must have been part of the plan.

    Julia Roberts at Golden Hangers 2010