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    Project Runway Season 7


    Project Runway's Season 7 has finally begun, so back on the couch I will be every Thursday night.  Tonight was the introduction to the entire crew of new designers, and one of those new designers was Jesus Estrada (the one I'll be cheering on this season).  It's too early in the game to know who really has talent and who doesn't, but I can tell you I'm already disappointed with the judges.  If you've already seen it, then you know that Jesus was almost sent home tonight and while I know he didnt' deserve it, I also don't think he should've been put in the hot seat.  Biased?  Maybe, but I don't think so.  Did you see that hideous plaid dress from the other guy (what was his name?--there's too many in the game right now to get all their names straight)?  Hmm, I'm just not sure.  Maybe two years ago I would've found that cute, but I am over plaid...who isn't?  If you ask me, it should've went home.  While I agree with some of the critiques the judge gave Christiane King the designer who went home tonight), I also agree with Christiane when she said that she didn't have the worse looking dress there.  I agree! 

    (winner to the left, loser to the right)

    project runway season 7

    Now, as far as talent went for the first fashion show, I'm happy with whom the judges chose as the winner.  Emilio Sosa has a great sense of detail and you could see it in his dress.  I loved the way he chose the colors of his fabrics and interchanged them between the top and skirt.  I am also interested in watching Ping, for she is by far the most interesting.  Not saying she is the most talented, but definetly thinks so far outside the box that it leaves you wondering where her mind has been.  Hmm, will she survive round two?

    My last comment is not about the designers or the show, but about Heidi she really pregnant again?  I could've swore she just had a baby.  Wow!  She must really love motherhood.  How does she keep that model figure  after having what seems like a new baby after every season of Project Runway? I just find it a bit amazing. 

    Click Here to tell us who your favorite designer is, we'll see how opinions change each week and I will announce the results every week as well.