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    So the new season of Project Runway will be airing soon and I am excited for the countdown (you can see it below).  It has recently been brought to my attention that a fellow graduate of Fashion Careers College had made it for the new season.  Jesus Estrada was a student whom I remember starting school right as I was finishing.  We had got a chance be involved with the same event, The Art of Fashion, just a year and a half ago. 

    When I met Jesus, I knew right away that he had BIG hopes and dreams for his future, and I knew that he would get right where he wanted to be.  He is a talented designer, but he also has the charisma and attitude to make for a great TV personality.  I remember when we were being filmed for San Diego Living about the Art of Fashion event, he breezed through his interview completely calm and collected.  I, standing right next to him, had no idea what to say and was so nervous about being on film that I felt I sabotaged my own two minutes of fame.  I kiddingly told him afterwards that because he did so well, he made me look horrible.  Anyway, the next day was the event.  We are all in the back room dressing our models, getting their hair and makeup done and in walks Jesus.  You knew he was entering the room because he walked in with a complete entourage to help carry his design and all the accessories that came along with it.  There were like five people who were all working for him (haha, pretty sure they were all related to him--but they made him look so celebrityesque, if thats a word).  As I watched him, I remember thinking that he is going to make it just because he acted like he was already there :)  .

    So, as the new Project Runway season approaches, make sure to look out for Jesus Estrada and send him good vibes.  Jesus, if you're out there listening, good luck!!

    In the meantime, check out his audition with Tim Gunn!