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    Wow, what a fashion filled week. It has been exciting and fun and oh so interesting. The finale was Ruby Room on Saturday night watching Jennafer Grace put on an amazing fashion show. She was part of Fashion Whore, a promoting group that host fashion shows throughout San Diego.  The energy level was high and the show was captivating.  There were many different looks, which all looked fabulous on the runway.  The models looked like they were really enjoying themselves and the crowd kept yelling for more.  In the middle of the show, Jennafer had this big guy with dreadlocks and a one peice romper walk down the runway to model the costume Jennafer had made him for the fashion show's 70's theme.  The male model made quite the entrance and the crowd went wild.  They loved the bit of humor that was added to the show.  It was amazing and fun and was the perfect end to my fashion filled week.

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