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    After receiving yet another amazing photo from Minh and Rochelle Huyn, I had to blog about it. Why? Because there is so much fun going into this shot. A lot of women look at button up shirts as something people wear in an office atmosphere. As you can see in my design, it can look hot anywhere. Match it with a high waisted skirt for a bold look, not necessarily for the 9-5ers only.  At the same time, if you are looking to spice up your work wardrobe, this would be a great addition.  The lace adds plenty of drama for all who attract it!

    The other fun thing I like about this shot is that not only does it do my blouse design justice, but I collaborated with Jennafer Grace for this look.  We added her high waisted knit leopard skirt to show how great it can be to mix and match designs, colors, and patterns.  Who knew that lace and leopard could look so good?  Well, we found it did and couldn't wait to show this combination to you.

    You can purchase the blouse at our website here.