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    In the last month, I was introduced to an amazing team of people who have all collaborated to create photo shoots that allow everyone to show their talent and put it together. My friend, and fellow designer, Jennafer, introduced me to Minh and Rochelle Huynh in the beginning of October and asked if I wanted to be part of the team.  After seeing Minh's photography work and Rochelle's hair and makeup work, I couldn't pass on the opportunity.  Together, they find models, organize shoots and Rochelle begins her work, making there face come to life with bold colors and beautiful hair.  Jennafer and I compile a collection of our designs to dress the model, then Minh begins his work with the camera.  In the end, the photos turn out to be so amazing.  Thank you to all who have been involved.  This is a picture from the first shoot.  I will be posting more pics as they come my way and compiling them in our photo gallery with Mahal Style.