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    This blog is a continuance from Step 1: InspirationOnce you find the inspiration you want for your design or collection, you want to start thinking about how it fits on the body.  You want to think about the drape of fabric, the sillhouette, details, etc.  The best way to give yourself the idea of how something will look before you actually make the design is by sketching out your ideas.  Sketching allows you to change ideas, play with colors and fabrics, and show your ideas on paper before you cut into your fabric, or even go to find your fabric sometimes. 

    To begin sketching, you will want to use a croquis.  You may have croquis of your own, or you can sometimes find free templates online.  Once you find the ones you like, trace them out on paper.  This will be the beginning of your sketch...Oh, and use pencil and have a good eraser.  (The Croquis shown below have been found as a free template by Designers Nexus here)

    Once you have the croquis traced, you want to start drawing out the lines of your design.  Pay close attention to the alignment, especially when the croquis is posed--not facing straight on and symmetric.  Play with your lines and ideas, then color according to your fabric, trying your best to replicate the look of the fabric.  Make as many sketches as you have ideas.  You want to remember all your ideas.  Whether you decide to use them in your new design or not, you may dig them up later and like your idea again, and decide to use it later.  This happens to me all the time.

    Check out this video, which explains the process of sketching very well: