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    We are back to the blog, after a long hiatus. As the owner and designer for Bcat Threads, I failed to do my job as a blogger is the last couple months, but with good reason. I got married on August 8th to my wonderful husband. And while that in itself seems to be a big deal, I also took on the duty of planning the whole wedding and not only designing and making my own wedding dress, but also the flower girl's (who matched my own) and my mother's dress. Needless to say, the business had to take second to my wedding day. But, now I am back and promise to never let you down again.

    To get back into the fashion world, I kick started the upcoming season by attending a FOCUS fashion mixer at Christie's Boutique on August 25th. For someone who owns a small business and loves fashion, this is a beneficial mixer to attend. There are people of all different fields of fashion who get together to give and receive information to each other to help one another grow. It usually starts off with mingling amongst your peers, then someone in the field will talk about their experience and how they got to where they are now. Our speaker at the last mixer was Matt Schultz of Shultz American Original.

    As explained on our fashion meetup website, which you are all free to join (

    About Schultz American Original:

    Initially inspired by the Southern California surf scene, Schultz American Original has evolved into a brand that embodies freedom, individuality, and exploration. Comfort and style drive our designs in an ongoing mission to bring our customers all that is fresh. Express your unique style wearing Schultz American Original threads walking amidst the throngs of backpackers in Bangkok, Thailand, doing a morning surf check in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, or just rolling with the crew into your hippest local dive. Have a voice. Make a statement. Live your life. Learn more at

    When you start to attend more meetings, you begin to see familiar faces and not only make business connections, but relationships and friendships with people of the same interest. You encourage each other to do well and become successful within yourself.  And, I encourage you to become a part of fashion meetup.  There are groups in all cities nation wide, and there is always one ready to open its arms to you.  All you need is an interest in fashion.